Water Well Drilling & Treatment

Stainton's Ltd. & Ecowater London

Water well drilling, water pumping and water treatment equipment.  Sales, service and supply.  Since 1964 quality has counted.  We don't sell anything we would not want to own.  Fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment, members of the Ontario Ground Water Association and the Canadian Ground Water Association.

Stainton's Ltd. & Ecowater London,

21937 Highbury Avenue North,

Route 1, ARVA, Ontario

N0M 1C0 

Telephone: 519-659-3359

Fax: 519-659-3874

e-mail: staintons@xplornet.com

Ontario Ministry of Environment Well Contractors Licence #4876

Technicians Licenced in Classes 1,2,3,4.

Members of the Ontario Ground Water Association drilling division & pump installers division.

Members of the Canadian Ground Water Association